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IT Professional Training Courses

Welcome to the Training section of our website. This section contains all the Training Details you need. Are you an organisation that needs your employees to have secure access to both hard data in your databases, and other information from spreadsheets, documents and other sources? Or maybe you are considering the most cost-effective way how to share information with your trusted partners? ITQAN Software consultants provide training on database software, web design, and visual basic to guide the training database software to a successful outcome. The key benefits we provide to our clients in the database management and web function of training programs include:

A Best Way To Learn

Our aim is to help people and organisations improve what they do. We have been successfully achieving this for over 3 years. We help this process by delivering quality skills training that will have an impact on your bottom line. We take an individual approach to every situation which allows us to design and deliver a tailored solution that fits your business. From Computer Skills to Soft skills to Office Skills; whether you have one person or one hundred, a half day coaching session or a three day workshop; we will find the best solution. If you would like to discuss your course options with one of Academic advisory team please feel free to contact us. Our Office hours: Monday – Friday 9:00 – 5:30pm Phone: 086 161 66 44 , or if you would like to email us: Support, or Training:

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