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Cheaper Database Software

Cheaper Database Software

We looking for a cost-effective way to have every employee be able to view and query the data, and it would be good if they could even change the data, but this is not necessary. ITQAN Software offers cheaper database software solution for business, offices, communities, schools, and websites design.

Create a customer service database to manage issues or problems with your customers, and track how—and how quickly—they are being resolved. Database management that helps you to organize your school/teacher data. Our software gives you an easy way to enter, manage, track, and organize small class library, class inventory, student contact records, to do notes, incident reports, and more. 

Manage your accounting books with this business account ledger. This database can track income and expenses by category and generate financial reports.
  Simple database that will allow you to track the following student data: name, address, parent/family contacts, birthday,... and more.

Easy to use database that will allow you to enter, maintain, and track your class library. You can print book lists, you can search books by any data field, you can process simple check in and check out transact.
Our prices for this kind of a databases solution is from €150 to €250.

·        X Company Database

·        College Database

·        Food Store Database

·        Clinic Database

·        Bank Database

·        School Database

·        Books OnlineShop Database

·        Research Theme Database

·        Publication Database

·        Movie Store Database

·        Data Warehouse Database

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