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About Us

ITQAN Software provides software solutions for the MS SQL Server, MS Access Office, and ASP.Net, and C# suite of products specialising in databases. We develop bespoke database systems which make you more efficient. ITQAN Software, is a Irish software company, specializes in developing productivity software for business and home PC users. To date, the company has developed a number of Windows-based utility packages, such as database management tools, web development tools which are currently distributed all over the world. To deliver lasting value to our customers, we develop best-in-class business solutions that bundle our core areas of competence with the expertise of leading technology, software and service partners. The company's strong partner network throughout the world is dedicated to providing the best service and solutions to our customers. We work closely with our partners to ensure that the best fit of technology and service are provided to meet the individual business needs of all our customers. Our mission is to create easy-to-use and practical software for business and home users. ITQAN Software Limited is 100% Irish owned, in Dublin, Ireland.

What We Do
Our aim is to help people and organisations improve what they do. We have been successfully achieving this for over three years. Are you an organisation that needs your employees to have secure access to both hard data in your databases, and other information from spreadsheets, documents and other sources? Or maybe you are considering the most cost-effective way how to share information with your trusted partners? ITQAN Software consultants provide training on database software, web design to guide the learners successful outcome. The key benefits we provide to our clients in the database management and web function of training programs include: SQL Server, Advanced MS Access, Web development with ASP.Net, and C#

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