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Basic Tutorials of HTML (Diploma in Web Design)


Basic Tutorials of HTML (Diploma in Web Design)

HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is the language of the web. It allows you to create web pages and place anything you like on them.

This section of ITQAN Software provides an extensive list of articles and tutorials to assist with your HTML coding. From the HTML Cheat Sheet to the HTML code library, you'll almost certainly find something of benefit!

Target Audience : Aimed at users who are new to HTML and want to set up their own business or learn to manage an exiting websites.

Course Objectives: Is for anyone who wishes to learn how to create websites or to develop or update its . It assumes a basic understanding of websites and how they work . HTML is the language of the web. It allows you to create web pages and place anything you like on them.

Course Duration : 6 weeks, one day per week , 6.00 pm8.00 pm or (one full day from 9.30 am - 6.30pm)

Course Fee
: 280 per student .

Course Content :

Lesson 1: Introduction to HTML

                    What is HTML?         

                    What is HTML5?       

                    What Is XHTML?      

                    HTML Elements       

                    HTML Basic Structure            

                    The Website Creation Process

                    Writing HTML Using Notepad or TextEdit

Lesson 2: HTML basics   

                    HTML Document     

                    HTML Headings

                    HTML Paragraphs    

                    Setting a background color 

                    Including comments in code              

Lesson 3: HTML Text Formatting              

                    Bold,  Italic, Underline

                    HTML Bullets (An Unordered List)

                    HTML Numbering (An Ordered List)

                    Align Text, Text Colors, and Size

                    Foreground Color

                    Background Color

                    Border Color             

                    Font Color – Inline Styles

                    Creating horizontal lines, Line Breaks

Lesson 4: HTML links

                    HTML Text Links

                    Understanding URL

                    Linking Documents 

                    Linking to other websites

                    Linking to other directorie

                    Linking within the same page            

                    Opening links in a new window

                    Linking to your Email

                    Linking to resources other than webpages

Lesson 5: HTML Images

                    HTML Images            

                    Set Image Location

                    Set Image Width/Height      

                    Set  Image Border   

                    Set Image Alignment

                    Image Maps (Image Link)    

                    Hyperlinks (Text Link)

Lesson 6: HTML Tables

                    Basic HTML Tables  

                    Basic table tags

                    Table Headers          

                    Table Colspan           

                    Table Rowspan

                    Background Color

Lesson 7: HTML Forms

                    The <form> Element

                    Text Input  

                    Radio Button Input

                    The Submit Button 


                    Drop-down lists

                    File upload buttons

Lesson 8: HTML Frames

                    HTML frames

                    What are frames?

                    HTML video

                    The MPEG Format

                    The Flash Format

                    The WMV Format

Lesson 9: HTML Stylesheets       

                    What is CSS?             

                    CSS Syntax 

                    The id and class Selectors

                    The class Selector

                    Inline Styles               

                    Internal Style Sheet               

                    External Style Sheet

Lesson 10: HTML Layouts

                    HTML Layout - Using Tables

                    HTML Layouts - Using DIV, SPAN

                    HTML Layouts - CSS

Lesson 11: HTML Marquees


Lesson 12: HTML Script 

                    External Script          

                    Internal Script           

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