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Principles of Programming with C#

In this C# programming language tutorial, you will start with the basic knowledge required to get up and running with C#. Then you will learn some basic and advanced concepts of C# programming language (along with workable examples and samples projects) including C# variables and data types, operators and expressions, conditional statements or decision making, loops or repetitions, array, structure, enumeration, exception handling, string manipulation methods, Object-Oriented programming concept, database connectivity and manipulation, GUI programming, and other useful sample program source code.

Target Audience: Aimed at users who are new to Microsoft C Sharp and want to set up their own application or learn to manage an exiting applications.

Course ObjectivesC Sharp is designed to allow the programmer to develop applications that run under Windows and/or in a Web browser without the complexity generally associated with programming. With very little effort, the programmer can design a screen that holds standard elements such as buttons, check boxes, radio buttons, text boxes, and list boxes. Each of these objects operates as expected, producing a “standard” Windows or Web user interface.

Course Duration10 classes, two hours per class, or ( Any time which suit you).
Course Fee550 per course.

Course Contents: 

Chapter One : Introduction to programming

  • Algorithms
  • Variables, data types, arrays
  • If/else if/else statements
  • Switch statements
  • While, Do whole, For, Foreach loops & recursion
  • Exception handling

 Chapter Two: Introduction to Object Oriented Programming (OOP)

  • OOP Programming
  • Classes
  • Structs
  • Memory allocation
  • Access modifiers
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Interfaces

 Chapter Three: General Software Development

  • Requirements analysis
  • Design Process
  • Software development
  • Testing
  • Release management
  • Data structures
  • Sorting Algorithms

 Chapter Four: Web Applications

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Client vs Server side programming
  • ASP.Net page life cycle
  • Event model
  • State Management
  • IIS
  • Web Services

 Chapter Five: Desktop Development

  • Designing a Windows Form
  • Understanding the Windows Form Event Model
  • Using Visual Inheritance
  • Understanding Multiple Document Interface (MDI) Applications
  • Understanding Console-Based Applications
  • Understanding Windows Services


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